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HTMLB fileUpload

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I am using the hbj:fileUpload tag in a JSP page.

I would like to initialize the input field of the tag, but could not find any documentation.

I tried following, but it seems not to work:

<hbj:fileUpload id="fileUpload" size ="50" >

<%fileUpload.setFile( uploadBean.getSource());%>


Method getSource() returns a valid IFileParam object.

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Hi Laurent,

if I dont misinterpret, you want the inputfield to already contain a text when the page is rendered, dont you?

I checked this and it seems there is really no "setText" method or anything like that.

But nevertheless you could try to discover which HTML tag is used for this HtmlB component in the end and try to set the appropriate attribute (e.g. "value" for a <input type="button"......>) using javascript and dom. At least if you can be sure that javascript is admitted in the final environment.



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Hi Matthias,

thanks for your answer.

Yes, this is what I would like to do. But, I will leave the issue open for now and fix it later like you suggested.