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HTML/WEB based SAP GUI - URL parameters

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Hi All

I am trying to pass URL Parameters to HTML based SAP GUI.

I can able to pass different files like field1 = value1; field2 = value2 etc and I can populate the transaction with the field values given above.

Now, I would like to pass multiple values for a field like field1 = value1; value2; value3 etc.. through URL and populate the transaction

Could that be possible to do? if yes, please advise.

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Got an idea , pass the values like value1;value2 etc to a transaction (wrapper) and the wrapper transaction take care of entering the values in a table format multiple selection and open the origital sap transaction.

this idea is given by my friend sanketh

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Hi Weatboy,

I am also looking for solution to pass multiple single values to a ECC tcode via SAP Web GUI through a hyperlink.

http://<Server>:<Port>/sap/bc/gui/sap/its/webgui?&~transaction=<Tcode>; <fieldA>-LOW=<value1>,<value2>;<fieldB>-LOW=<value3>;DYNP_OKCODE=OKCODE

The underlined part of the above URL is the part that I am having problem with.

Could you please explain your solution in details and provide an example if possible?

Your help is greatly appreciated.


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Hi suhaas S,

Have you found the Solution, I am also having the same issue here.

please advice.

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Please have a look at this below mentioned wiki -

Best Regards,


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Hi Sen,

Thanks for your wiki. It is really good at one shot.

My question is how can we send

multiplevalues  [field1 = value1;value2;value3]

to a backend field.

Suppose I have to search company codes, I want to send to a backend transaction and transaction has a table of company codes to accept, like compcode= code1,code2,code3 is it possible?

I actually know how to send parameters and transaction code dynamically to a WEBGUI.

 It is possible to send single values for a field like 
field1=value1, field2=value2, tcode=me23n 


multiplevalues  [field1 = value1;value2;value3]