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HTML Collection Renderer

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Hello, everyone

I am working with HTML collection renderers for the first time, and have noticed an interesting phonomenon that I can't seem to resolve.

I worked through the "How to..." paper for configuring HTML collection renderers and everything went well. It works exactly as it should. During the tutorial, it had me duplicate and modify the ConsumerGridList layout set to include my new HTML collection renderer, and while that's fine, what I'd really like to see is more a list of links (without showing any additional properties) instead of a document list (that shows document icons, file size, etc.) Basically, I'm interested in creating an HTML collection renderer simply so I can have a customized heading at the top of a list of links (to start with, anyway).

However, when I modified the layout set to include other collection renderers besides the ConsumerFileListRenderer that the tutorial had me use, I usually get one of two erronious results:

- Either the HTML that I specified within the HTML collection renderer will render twice and the links within the KM folder won't appear at all, or...

- The list of links themselves will render twice, and the HTML will not be included at all.

I am able to find that several collection renderers work well with my HTML collection renderer, but none of them give me the results I'd like to see. A links list or quick links renderer would look great, but those give me one of the two errors I've mentioned above.

Is there a reason why an HTML collection renderer is only compatible with a select few other collection renderers? Or is there a step I'm missing, or an error I'm creating somewhere? I've experimented with many different combinations of collection and resource renderers, and can't seem to achieve the results I'd like to see.

We're using EP6 SP11. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Matthew,

>I'm interested in creating an HTML collection renderer simply so I can have a customized >heading at the top of a list of links

If I understand you correctly you would like to have something similar to this:


[HTML rendered by HTMLCollectionRenderer]






where link[1-3] come from KM. In this case you would want to copy both: HTMLCollectionRenderer and ConsumerFileListRenderer in your namescpace, e.g. com_ConsumerFileListRenderer

and then manipulate the "Displayed Properties" [System Administration -> System Configuration -> KM -> Configuration -> Content Management -> User Interface -> Settings -> Collection Renderer Settings -> com_ConsumerFileListRenderer].

Initially it (ConsumerFileListRenderer) contains: rnd:icon,rnd:displayname(contentLink)rnd:actiondescription,contentlength,col:rating,rnd:collaborationstatus,modified

What you need is:


In general this might be helpfull to read:



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Thank you! That's exactly what I needed.


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Hi I have an issue where I would like to see folders and to navigate into them.

I have folloewd the same how to guide, but I am not able to see folders which I have created.

Any tips for me?



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I too am having the same problem as above. Has anyone figured a solution to this?

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