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HTML Collection Renderer

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I have two issues:

1) To include an image in the html. What should the path be like?

Following does not work:

- http://webfrm2:50000/irj/servlet/prt/PartnerPortalHome/penny.gif

- http://webfrm2:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/PPC/PartnerPortalHome/penny.gif

- http://webfrm2:50000/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/penny.gif

2) How do I remove the Folder name and its file listing at the bottom of the html page display?

Actually I could get rid of the file listing by removing ConsumerFileListRenderer from the "Layout Set". But I could not remove the Folder breadcrumb.

Any input is appreciated.



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Thank you both for your responses.

To Victor's comment: does not help render the gif. Folowing are my box's details: portal url is http://webfrm2:50000/irj and my gif is within repository: PPC within the folder PartnerPortalHome. So what would the src attribute of <img> tag be?

like <img src="penny.gif" width=320 height=240> does not work.

My Layout set does not have the breadcrumb collection in it.

To Fallon's comment:

KM Document iView comes pretty close. But I run into the following anomly. a.htm and penny.gif both recide within repository: PPC within the folder PartnerPortalHome.

When I click on a.htm and launch it, the gif embedded within the htm (<img src="penny.gif" width=320 height=240>) is rendered fine.

But if I create a KM Document iView on the a.htm, it does not render the gif.



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Hello Kumar

We have HTML files being displayed using a KM Document iView. The HTML files do have embedded gif's that work correctly, but the gif isn't in the same folder as the HTML file (I don't know why that would mess things up, but it may...)

The .gif fileusing an example from one of our HTML filesis rendered with the following tag:

<img src="/irj/go/km/docs/documents/the full folder path within the documents repository/file_name.gif">

So if your gif is within the repository PPC (which would be found under root) and then in the folder PartnerPortalHome under that repository, your path should be:

<img src="/irj/go/km/docs/PPC/PartnerPortalHome/penny.gif">

Hope this helps!