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How to view low level alerts in HANA Cockpit?

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If there are any medium or high level alerts I can easily remove filters and view low level alerts. How can I view low level alerts if there are no medium or high ALERTS. I can't find the required tab.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Andranik,

In Cockpit, the overview page of any database shows you the alerts and it will only highlight "High" and "Medium" alerts. Now in order to view low level alerts, you have to drill down into this tile by clicking on it. Choose the "Filter" and Select Priority of all alerts which you want to see (Link)

Currently there is no why which I could find that gives me authority to set custom filter for alerts which can also be set as default in my overview page. The selection of filter will go, once you leave the drill down alert page and in overview page again you will see only "High" and "Medium" alerts.



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