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How to view BI content in Portal

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Hello all,

Please forgive me if i have posted in the wrong forum. i am sort of a newbie in BI.

We have loaded data from an R/3 server to some infosources. i have checked that data has come to the info sources. If i wanted to display this information in enterprise portal, what additional things should i do in BI side.

I think that we need something called web templates to show data in the portal. Can someone please let me know the steps to be done to go from data loaded in the info sources to viewing data in a webtemplate?

Regards and Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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After data loaded in infoprovider you need to create query on the infoprovider.

For query follow the following path

Start -> all Programs -> Business Explorer -> Query designer -> New query -> select data provider and create report

For Publish on portal

there are two ways to publish

1)Start -> all Programs -> Business Explorer -> Query designer ->query -> Publish -> To portal

2) Log on to portal Create an iview .

Try this,



Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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one you have the data in the infosource, for performance and holding history, you shoudl move the data in a ods or a cube.

ODS for daily report, only daily data no history

CUbe for historical Reporting and daily reporting.

you wil need to create update rules. and process chain to load data in yoru data targets( ODS or CUbe). then create a query on them. play with the query how you want the data to show. try to USe 7.0 as its more flexible if not 3.5.

you can broadcast it straight to e-mails using web broadcasting. other wise create web template( as define in the steps in the previous post).

remember do everything in yoru SANDBOX system or Development system. do not under any circumstances do this in production or testing.

any question feel free to post

hope this helps.