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How to use the AUTHORITY-CHECK in ABAP

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I am a security guy but am trying to understand how the AUTHORITY-CHECK works. I have read the help on it but it doesn't answer to my understanding. I want a check in a report so that no matter what the user selects the program goes out and checks the authorization in the users master record and only displays what he has access to. I am sure this is basic but I am not a programmer.


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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Greg,

Basically a AUTHORITY-CHECK is a programmatic way to check a auth object a user has. This is only as good as the person writing the code makes is.

Here is a basic example of how it could work. Lets say you have auth objects for users that limit them to see company code. User A can see cc 10, User B can see cc 20 and user C can see both.

In the code the programmer would have to first do the authcheck to see what CC the user has access to. Then they would have to limit his reporting based on the results of the authority check. So they might do it by saying SELECT * FROM XYZTAB WHERE COMPANY CODE = AUTHCC

This is what I think you are looking for. There are other ways to use the auth check. You can do a check and end the program with a message if they don't have authorization.

If you need more info, let me know


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