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How to use relationship inMDME 5.5

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I have to use two table which are hirachical in structure . Can I use realationship to link them ??

If yes then please explain me the steps to be done to achieve that .



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Could you provide an example of such tables?

Relashionships serve to connect entities in either parent/child or sibling. To create a relathionship you have to create a new entity in Relationships table (via the console). Then after loading the repository this relationship appears along with qualified tables in the client. To put records into this relationship you have simpli double click on it (while staying on one record) and then chose another one (or many others) and drag and drop them.

Relatioships are available through the API but not searcable in the client yet. In other words you can't filter or search using relationships.

Hope this helps.