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How to use 'Post' in Gateway client for an empty table

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Hi All,

    I am facing a question that how to use 'Post' function in gateway client to add a line of data to an empty table? As some material mentioned I should use 'Get' first and then click the 'Use as Request' button to get the format but my entity is using an empty table so I cannot use the 'Get' function to get the format. Could anyone give me some advice about it? Thanks in advance.



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Dear Zhengzhang,

As per Ekansh said you can manually generate the payload in GW Client. You may get the structure of your variables using "$metadata" option and generate the payload as per above..Put the URI and click "post" option.

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If you don't have a GET, how do you intend to verify the data that is posted?

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You can manually create the payload that contains the data you want to insert into the table. This payload will consist of the properties of your entity.

You can check the sample payload below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<atom:entry xmlns:atom="" xmlns:d="" xmlns:m="">

   <atom:content type="application/xml">





















This can be used to insert first line into your table.