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How to use once SC in Another SC, and How use one DC in another DC

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Hi all,

I am new to DC and SC's concetp.

we have got two and files which contains some DC's kind of the functionality. So, now we need to create new SC called and i need to create one new DC caleed "display_dc" in this.

So this DC need to call the DC's which are available in the above .sca files. how to build this.

How to use once .sca file in another.

How to call dc from another sca of the dc.

how to use from one dc to another dc.

do i need to define the depency in the SLD when i am create the new SCA with using SCA files.?



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I will try to give you a place to begin...

SC are Software Components. Think of them as development products, like MS Word or Adobe Reader. They include sets of DCs, development components. DCs are smaller units, like programs and libraries in the SCs.

Software architects define SCs in SLD and also define two types of dependencies between them:

- build time (required to compile and build)

- runtime (required during execution)

SCs themselves are "buckets" for DCs, so dependencies between SCs describe dependencies between DCs they include. Think of that the same way as we we say "SAP Visual Admin (SC) depends on JDK (SC)". It means that swing apps of Visual admin (DCs) need java classes packaged in JDK (DCs).

This will help:

DCs interact between themselves by exposing "public parts" (SAP webdynpro terminology), allowing one DC to access objects of another DC.

Here it explained in more details:

I tried to explain it in asimple terms.

Hope it helped.