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how to use ODBC for changing datasource

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Hi guys,

In the Crystal Reports for Java it has a helper file CRJavaHelper in the com.businessobjects.samples package which has a method to change the DataSource for each table.

public static void changeDataSource(ReportClientDocument clientDoc,

                String reportName, String tableName,

                String username, String password, String connectionURL,

                String driverName,String jndiName) throws ReportSDKException

This method uses JDBC for connection. I want to use the same way but for ODBC connection. So I have these questions:

1) Do CRJ support changing DataSource via ODBC?

2) If yes then what are the differences in the above method to use ODBC connection?

I am asuming that propertyBag will be changed. But what will be the keys and values of propertyBag to get it working for ODBC?

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Crystal Reports for Eclipse is a pure Java solution, ODBC is not java, so it cannot be used directly.  The only way to use ODBC would be to use the JDBC to ODBC bridge, but that is not supported.  You need to be using a java based driver.