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How to use external libraries in EP

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I am with dificulties in utilizing an external ".jar" file in a Portal application (JSPDynPage). The ".jar" file is the JSTL 1.0 version. It compiles and is exported correctly (SNDS to Portal), but give me an error at runtime (NullPointerException). There is any restrictions in utilizing external ".jar"s files, e.g., not especific/proprietary versions?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Alex,

this is a known problem (see for example) and the reasons are given here:

Anyhow, for tagblibs which don't suffer from the portals taglib support, see for how to include them.

Hope it helps


Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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You can place the external .jar files under dist/PORTAL-INF/lib . By placing the external jars it would certainly run

The other way is as follows

1. Go to navigation perspective

2. Get into the project\lib folder of the your project. copy the jar files into it

4. Right click on the project

5. Click on properties

6. Click on java build path

7. Go to libraries tab

8. click on Add Jars button

9. Select the jar in your project

11. Recompile

12. Deploy

Hope it helps..



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Right click on the project name -> properties -> javaBuildpath -> add external jars and select the jar file you want to be included.

thats it then upload and run.