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How to use cusomer exit to set month-revelant auth setting for reporting

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Our Client has a req regarding reporting authorization in BI2004s. They don't allow their employees' to view sales revenue and gross profit of LAST MONTH. But this restriction only effective in the beginning three days of each month.

We realize that we can activate setting "Auth revlevant" for Calendar Year month and restrict certain month for viewing data purpose. But if we want the auth req "data of last month not allowed in the beginning thress days of each month", can we do it with Customer exit for "Calendar year /Month"? If YES, can anyone please tell us how, or any better idea to solve this issue??

Thank you very much.



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HI hsing,

define custom defined month at taregt level.

Means, from Day3 of Month1 to Day2 of Month2 need to calculate as CM1 (Custom Month 1) and use this Custome Month for restiction.

If the InfoProvider already in production, not in a position to change the transformations, define a Virtual Key figure (VKF) in the InfoProvider and write customer exit on the key figure,

if calday <= day2 of Month1 VKF = 0,

else VKF = 1.

Display the records where VKF = 1.

Hope it will help you to find the solution for ur requirement.



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