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How to use CDS views in HANA Calculation view?

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I am working on S4 HANA POC. Can someone please explain the following scenarios

1. How to use CDS view in HANA views? (Calculation view or Analytical)

Can we consume CDS view in HANA view and make report on top of that?

2. How to consume CDS view in BW HANA?

Thanks in Advance

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To use ABAP CDS views into HANA calculation view below are the steps,

1. when an ABAP CDS view is created, generally @AbapCatalog.sqlViewName: is also defined. This sqlView is generated as a database view and stored in SAPABAP1 schema.

2. We can use the same sqlView into the projection of HANA calculation view

Hope it helps.

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Hello in my case won't complety work. No rows are extracted , even only checking the preview. I'm using IFCIACTPLNJEIC for exemple and i have the same issue all cds view i want to use in my projection.

Am i missing something?

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crepmaster, are you doing this preview in a 2 client system? The client handling algorithm may be using client number which is your ABAP client and has no data.

Curious if you got this working.