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How to use available memory for data cache?

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I have ASE with following memory situation when running sp_configure memory:

additional network memory   

          0          0          0          0bytes              dynamic  
allocate max shared memory              0          0          1          1switch              dynamic  
compression memory size                0        152          0          0memory pages(2k)    dynamic  
engine memory log size                  0          2          0          0memory pages(2k)    dynamic  
heap memory per user                 4096          0       4096       4096bytes              dynamic  
lock shared memory                      0          0          0          0switch              static   
max memory                          45056   10240000    5120000    5120000memory pages(2k)    dynamic  
memory alignment boundary           2048          0       2048       2048bytes              static   
memory per worker process           1024         66       4096       4096bytes              dynamic  
messaging memory                      400          0        400        400memory pages(2k)    dynamic  
shared memory starting address          0          0          0          0not applicable      static   
total logical memory                32768    9227998    4612856    4613999memory pages(2k)    read-only
total physical memory                  0   10240000          0    5120000memory pages(2k)    read-only
An additional 1012002 K bytes of memory is available for reconfiguration. This is the difference between 'max memory' and 'total logical memory'.            

with it said there are 1012002 K = 988.28M memory available for reconfiguration. Then I try to create a new data cache with 900M, but I get following error:

Number (10879) Severity (16) State (1) Server (MyServer) Procedure (sp_cacheconfig) The current 'max memory' value '5120000', is not sufficient to change the size of cache 'my new cache' to '900.000M' (921600 KB). 'max memory' should be greater than 'total logical memory' '5122771' required for the configuration.

How to resolve this issue?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Each data cache requires some extra memory for overhead.  The amount of overhead will vary based on (at least) the number of partitions (aka cachelets), with the overhead increasing as you increase the number of partitions/cachelets.

You have a few options:

- increase max memory

- decrease the size of your cache

- reduce the number of partitions for this cache (either explicitly via the sp_cacheconfig stored proc, or implicitly by changing the configuration option 'global cache partition number')

sp_helpcache can be run to show cache name, size and overhead

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Is this for an SAP application - e.g. ERP???   If so, it would likely be best to add the memory to the existing default data cache.  See the SAPNOTE 1680803 - SAP on ASE Best Practices for Migration.  SAPINST should do a lot of this configuration for you.