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How to use a calculated dimension in a calculated measure

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Hi All,

I am stuck trying to figure out how I can use my calculated dimension in a calculation with my measures.

Each Project Categories have their respective share percentage between two entities SHPL and SSC.

In order to include the % share values, I added them under the dimension properties.

Then, I created calculated dimensions from it, and it is working exactly as I want it to, does not matter whether I place it after Project_Category, or Project_Type, or Events, the break down and aggregation are correct.

Now, I need to be able to use this percentage values to multiply with a restricted measure "Adjusted Revenue"

However I realize that I cannot use a calculated dimension in Calculated measures. So, I tried to use the function "Dimension to Measure" on the SHPL% and SSC% columns respectively, but it did not give me any values

In another scenario, I added the percentage share down to the event level, converted dimension to measure, and manage to see some result. Does this mean will have to add the percentage shares in both Category and event levels?

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