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How to upgrade BOBI 4.0 with Design Studio 1.5 to BOBI 4.1

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Hello, colleagues,

what is a preferred way to update the BOBI 4.0 with the Design Studio 1.5 to the BOBI 4.1 with Design Studio 1.5?

Are we supposed to uninstall the DS 1.5 for BOBI 4.0, update the BOBI and install DS 1.5 for BOBI 4.1?

Or upgrade the BOBI to 4.1 release at first and then update the Design Studio 1.5?

What will happen in first case with customer data?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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from SAP view - all installers of design studio are "all-content-contained". It means, even an SP installer is upgrading the Add-On to highest version and you do not need to make any special procedures.

In your case, as you upgrade the platform also, and there are different installers for 4.0 and 4.1 (a bit changed installer technology), you need for sure to install DS 1.5 on top of the upgraded platform.

I am currently not sure if uninstall is necessary, I assume not (but we should wait for someone who did it already to confirm). I will try to check also internally if we have made also such upgrade in test environment.


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Hello, Karol,

thank you for your input.

In case of not uninstalling of DS 1.5 for 4.0 I need to use the update installation package. I have got uploaded only full installation package there. From your above mentioned lines I assume, it is harmless to uninstall the DS at first, even it was not mandatory.

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