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how to trigger the TS TS20000167 in the SAP Standard workflow : WS2000075 (2)

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Hi Expert,

Now i am working on the PO release workflow.i just use the SAP standard workflow WS20000075 and it works fine for PO release, but it doesnot work for PO cancel . Do i miss some setting for that ?,please advise .

Below is the workflow log for PO release canncel .

Seem,the cancel event not trigger, i cannot find it in event trace

check in SBWP,outbox--->work items executed by me ,no workflow about cancel event

Below is the PO workflow i used. it is copied from sap standard workflow WS20000075, no changed. Do i miss someting,please advise ,thanks 🙂

Best regards,


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Answers (1)

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Hello Joerg/Haimin,

This looks correct. Cancelling the PO causes the WF to end (SIGNIFICANTLYCHANGED event), AND the RELEASESTEPCREATED should start another WF in place of the cancelled one.