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how to transport an ambient ui5 application


hello to all
I have some beginner doubts.
I created a ui5 application in SAP BAS and did the deploy-to-abap to the ERP DEV environment.
Once the deploy is done, I transport the application to QAS.
My doubts are:
Is it ok what I did?
Is it possible to deploy directly to QAS?
When transporting from environments, what should I include in the transport TO?

Also, I must say that when I do this, the application only works in DEV and not in QAS. When I do a "test service" to the application from the trx SICF in DEV, the application opens correctly. But if I do the same in QAS, the application opens a white screen in the browser and says "file not found".

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The application should be listed in SE80 under BSP Application, at DEV and QAS.


As an example I posted one of the many UI5 apps. If your app is listed on DEV and not on QAS, please ask a SAP Basis consultant to transport your application to QAS.

Please check your ui5.yaml file for deployment information:


transportNo is your gateway workbench transport. Please hand over that number to your SAP Basis consultant, they know what to do with it 🙂



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didn't see anything wrong, unless you can give more detail.

can you check the network? what file is not found?

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hello, do you mean this?
Captura de pantalla 2024-06-26 092605.png

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there are two sicf node for ui5 app, which you are testing? check if other one works for you.