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How to translate properties with special characters

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I need translate properties with spaces and others ó,ö,ä,á,.....

For example, translate:

Red issue



The space character cause problems and translation not is success

Or values with character ä

I have been testing \u00E4 =ä but without success


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Answers (4)

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Is this a question about the format of Java property bundles?

In which case,

should have all information you need.

In doubt, just create a sample Properties object, write it to disk, and inspect the result.

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Hi, I tried with UTF8 and UTF-16 but without translation success

UTF-8 only convert some characters and UTF-16 convert all. The output content was include in bundle file.


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try to use some another code pages such as Cp1250


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Hi, Ian!

Try to use [native2ascii - Native-to-ASCII Converter|]

The syntax look like this:

native2ascii.exe -encoding <[Encoding|]> <source file> <target file>

The file "native2ascii.exe" you can find in JDK of your Java installation or download it.

Regards, Mikhail.

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In wich aplication you need to translate this?

Best regards

João Macedo