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How to transfer variables from BOBJ to CV

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Our situation





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In our CV we use complex logic:

var_eban = CE_COLUMN_TABLE("ECC"."EBAN");



If I understand correctly when we use filter in BOBJ(which generate SQL:  select "BANFN","MENGE" from "SYS_BIC/CV1" when "BANFN"=input from user) CV read all information from all BANFN .And only after this system run our filter on one banfn. It's too long.

Any chance to transfer information from BOBJ 4 selection screen to CV logic, for examle to var_eban. I want to run CV only on one banfn but not on all.

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Hi llya,

You cant consume the variables created in HANA Studio in any of the clients tools(including Universe) and also in the reverse way as of today.

As you said,if you define your filter(as LOV,Prompt or constant) in Universe,the entire data set will be fetched to semantic layer and then only the filtering will happen which is again performance issue.

If you create a variable in CV itself and then consume in Universe,the filtering will happen in DB layer itself.Unfortunately,the variables created in CV are not exposed in Universe which may be supported in the upcoming version of SAP HANA.