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How to transfer files from server to server after the file-creation process

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Hi all,

I can't get it working.

I've got a Process chain in SAP BW, which creates on a monthly basis 2 .csv files, which are stored on server A:

This process is monitored by CPS. And it runs fine.

Now, I want to add to this process an automated file transfer from Server A: to Server B:

How to do this?

(no, the guides are NOT helpful for this task)

Kind regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Greg,

First you need to create an environment for Server B. I mean process server and queue.

then you can create a batch job of script type (KSH if unix) and create a script to move file from server A to B.

You can define a job chain with step 1 as run process chain and step 2 as run script and automate this.

Hope this gives you some direction.


Sunil Rohit

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for this senerio, if a Job Chain is created,

if Step 1 produces a file stdout.log in the CPS which is physically stored in the DataRootDirectory.

How is it possible with a Step 2, to reference the stdout.log physical name and copy it to ServerB ?

(using any script language)

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