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How to transfer data from one component to other Component

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Hi Guys,

I have one doubt like how to pass value from one component to other. In my application i have two components. I want the value given in the inputfield of the component should be displayed in the scecond component. Can anybody clear information about that?

Thanks In Advance



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Answers (3)

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Hi ravikumar,

take the context attribte in interface controller (what attribute u want to pass). in 2nd component ,use 1st component as used component. bind 2nd dc's component controller to 1st dc's interface controller.

U can use this doc for better understanding

<a href=""></a>



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Hi Ravikumar,

Every component has its interface controller.

Assume cont1 and cont2

cont1 has its interface controlloer interface1 and cont2 has its interface controller interface2.

Define a value attribute va_temp in interface1> map this to cont1> map this to view1 of cont1 and bind it to the UI element.

In cont2 > Used webdynpro Components> add the interface1

Now map the same va_temp to cont2--> map this to view2 of comp2

Now you can access va_temp of comp1 in comp2.

Warm Regards,


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