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How to transfer data from HANADB to snowflake using Data Intellegence?

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I want to transfer data from s4hanadb(for example ACDOCA table) to snowflake using data intellegence, and i've successfully get data from hana db using read hana table operator.

But i don't know how to transfer the data to snowflake. I tried to use the cloud table producer,but i got nothing at mapping field. 

Really prefer to get some help on how to do this without using the cds view.

Thanks in advance!

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Use the "Read HANA Table" operator or any other method you prefer to extract data from the ACDOCA table in SAP HANA DB.

If you need to transform the data before loading it into Snowflake (e.g., data cleansing, formatting changes), you can do so using Data Intelligence's transformation capabilities.

Then you can load the data to Snowflake and ensure the connection is established between data intelligence and Snowflake.

If you're still encountering issues with the Cloud Table Producer operator, you can consider alternative methods for loading data into Snowflake using Snowflake bulk loader and snow pipe which can load continuously the file data stored on cloud location.