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How to trace users?

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We would like to prevent logon to SAP systems directly on single application server. Instead, we prefer that the users logon to SAP system by using load balancing method. Because of this we replaced single application server definitions with logon groups to SAPGUIs'. The problem is that we are not sure that all the definitions are replaced on SAPGUI for all users. Is there any indicator to see, whether the user is logged on the application server directly or by using LB, on the system?

Thank you.

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As far as i'm aware theres no way to find out... if you create a logon group that exclude the central instance and you see people login into it then you know some people still have an entry in the saplogon for that particular box, but if your logon group involves all CI and DI then will be very difficult to verify if who is still using a server selection entry in the saplogon...

To be sure you could distribute a new saplogon.ini via logon script with the setting you want or in the case you're using SAP Frontend installation server then you can just change the package and it will update all users.