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how to take transactional log backup in sybase ase 15.7?

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Hello Experts,

I want to take transactional log backup from sybase as 15.7. But when i executed the following command it got some error.

dump tran PCD to "H:\SAP_DB_Backup\PCD\PCD_dbtrans16_12_2014_backup.bkp"

I searched in net , but i didn't get a proper answer.

Kindly help



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Good answer from Mark, but 1 thing missing...

Why do you want to take the transaction log backup?

If you just want to make sure the log is free and don't need the log for recovery, you might as well enable database option "trunc log on chkpt"

If you still run into a log full situation, you might want to check long running transactions or increase the log size of that database

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