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How to take backup, Restore and refresh

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Please explain and show how to take sap backup, restore, recovery and refresh....iam very new to this area......

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the following link contains the answer to all of your requests.

Good luck.

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backup ... do brbackup

restore ... do brrestore

refresh ... not officially supported any more

copy ... check the system copy guides

now this sound a bit short and that indeed is my intention.

There are official guides for these topics.

You should work through them ESPECIALLY as you are new in this area.

It is allways good to work with the official documentation.

The DBA-Handbook alone is about a couple of hundreds of pages which

are indeed all very usefull for anyone who is working in this area.

To make sure, to do first things first, work out the brbackup chapter

and the backup concepts first. Do NOT blindly follow any advice given here,

but make sure that you are operating in a resposible and supported way

following the corresponding guidelines.

This forum is extremly good for getting advice, because quite a lot of us are working

in completely different areas, so the overall knowledge is well spread, and chances are high,

that someone already did something in an aerea, where you have not yet been active.

But you should always and ever compare any advice given here to vendor documentation.

I do not assume that someone will misguide you by bad will, but it might happen, due to

different rating of the importance of documented operating procedures, or simply because

of outdated knowledge (which I need to address to myself for some topics as well).

Backup is one of the most essential topics for you operating your own systems, so you

have to make sure you know what you are doing.


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...and in addition to Volker's advice.

Get or build a sandbox system and play around, never try something on a production system first!

Good luck, Michael

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In Addition

read all the pre and post process

also take a backup before doing anything.



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Thank you very much for your nice reply.

Ya ofcourse i already red some db administration texts and pdfs but all of them

not specifically telling about how to do backups? ie i wnat to knw which is the easiest method to

take backup and recovery?

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to request specific advice without giving some information

about your own system deserved a more general answer.

1) Find a device to backup to.

Could be a tape, could be a seperate disk (less recommended), could be a third party tool.

Snapshots of any type (SAN or journaled FS) are no backups at all.

2) Do you need to deal with several media sets for one backup?

Is the overall backup bigger than one media?

3) ...

You see how this tree can spread out, depending on your specific situation.

Did you try "Database Backup" and then "Backing Up the Database with BR*Tools" from my link above?

It describes how to take the backup menu driven. There are a couple of parameters that need to be set in the

configuration file. They depend on your actually configured device.

So, assuming a standard UNIX installation, assuming a big tape device at /dev/rmt0 and /dev/nrmt0 as the desired device,

find your in $ORACLE_HOME/dbs and customize the parameters:

tape_pos_cmd="mt -t $ fsf $"       # might be different on AIX
rewind = "mt -f $ rewind"
rewind_offline = "mt -f $ offline"
dd_flags="obs=64k"        # if your device allows 64k blocks

Look up all of these parameters here:

and click on the red double arrow to open the navigation tree on the left.

Adjust as required by your Hardware and Unix flavor.

May be this is not all what is needed (it is quite a while since I did my last native tape

backup, as I do 3rd party tools only now), so someone else might help in addition,

if I missed some important ones.

In the brtools menu, you now select a backup type "online_cons" and a

backup device type "tape" and press thumbs

Good luck