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How to stop the information broadcasting mail if the output of the query is

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Hi everyone, We have a requirement to not to send the information broadcasting mail in case if the query output is blank (ie no applicable data). However as per the schedule the mail should go in case if there is applicable data. In other words, users are not interested in opening the broadcasted mail to see if there is any applicable data or not.  Appreciate if you can help on this.



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You can use the function module "RRW3_GET_QUERY_VIEW_DATA" to execute the query and check the result.

Based on the FM you can see if there is data in it (E_CELL_DATA).

If there is data you can trigger your broadcaster either by event (BP_RAISE_EVENT) or executing the program to start the broadcast providing setting ID ( submit to program RSRD_BROADCAST_STARTER  providing parameters and return).


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I assume you are running the broadcasting using process chain, right?

You may use this program to know if zero record was fetched..Insert this in your process chain before broadcasting..


If you are using the SCHEDULE button in the portal, you may CHECK this setting so that if there is an added record that's the only time the email will be broadcasted..