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How to specify more than 6 parameters in the URL or in the HTTP header?

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After applying SAP note 1105368 ,it will be availible to specify more than 6 parameters in the URL header.

But i haven't figured out how to specify it yet.even though i went through the note carefully, but it really hard to understand.

Is there someone who experienced to specify more than 6 parameters ?

Inccording to the note,the parameter fileds look like should be

specified like below.


parameter1: <SAP:Record namespace="" name="SAP_URL_EXTENSION">urlext</SAP:Record>

parameter2:<SAP:Record namespace="" name="urlext01">Order=4711</SAP:Record>

parameter3:<SAP:Record namespace="" name="urlext02">Object=1807</SAP:Record>




but something about the format doesn't look right....

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I know we can set headers by using some tools. Neoload tool is used to set values into header.

If Servlet after receiving the request you can set header values and send back with response.

Check this



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