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How to Sort alv report column wise

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How to Sort alv report column wise


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To sort an ALV (ABAP List Viewer) report column-wise, you can follow these steps:

  1. Declare a field catalog for the ALV grid. The field catalog contains information about the columns of the ALV grid, such as the column name, width, and sorting options.
  2. Populate the field catalog with the necessary information for each column. You can specify the column name, field name, width, and sorting options using the appropriate structures and tables.
  3. Create an instance of the ALV grid using the class cl_gui_alv_grid.
  4. Set the field catalog of the ALV grid using the method set_table_for_first_display of the ALV grid instance. Pass the field catalog and the internal table containing the data to be displayed in the ALV grid.
  5. Enable sorting for the desired columns by setting the sortable attribute of the corresponding field catalog entry to abap_true.
  6. Display the ALV grid using the method display of the ALV grid instance.

When the ALV grid is displayed, the user can click on the column headers to sort the data in ascending or descending order based on the selected column.

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