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How to solve a problem to connect to repository in CMC tool ?

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Hello SAP team

I got below error when I tried to add a new repository

There is a problem to connect to repository: Unable to find servers in CMS and cluster @b01acdapp003:6400 with kind pjs and service DS.AdminService. All such servers could be down or disabled by the administrator. (FWM 01014)

Server on CMC are running fine.

Could you please help me to solve this issue ?

Thank you in Advance!

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in CMC > Servers > Enterprise Information Management Services > How many EIM APS services do you have? Are they all running ok or running with errors?

Are you able to logon to DS MC?

What version of BI\IPS and DS is it?

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Hi Asavari Bhave

I have the same problem and I hope you can help me.

In my case i have one EIM APS and it's running ok. But i'm not able to logon to DS MC, it show me a blank page.

The version of BI/IPS and DS are: 4.2 SP 9



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DS is 4.2 SP9 ( this is too old, you are most likely in newer version of DS) ?

or IPS\BI is 4.2 SP9 and DS 4.2 SP14 Patch 9 or 10 ? the URL you use is http://<servername>:8080/DataServices?

and it is a blank page not http 404, 500 error or error as described above? if it is blankpage then you may try:

- restart tomcat or try undeploy\redeploy app.