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How to skip UOM

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Hi All

I am want to display KF value quantity for some unit of mesure. i have created restricted KF.

but when i am running the query in the report output i am getting the quantity value with unit of mesure say 1000 MCF like that. but i dont want to see the unit of musure alon with quantity. means i wanted to see only 1000 not 1000 MCF.

How can i do this.

please guide me step by steps


s saha

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Saha,

Use function NODIM in the formula, then you would be able to display your KF without UOM.

Hope it helps.



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Thanks , How can i use NODIM function in restricted KF

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create new ckf, right click 'keyfigures' in column, 'new formula', drag from 'data functions' -> 'value without dimension...' to formula area, and put your keyfigure in the (). hope this helps.

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