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How to Simultaneous import of a request into two clients in QAS

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Hi All,

We've implemented ECC 6.0. Our landscape is like:

Development 100 -

QAS 200 -

QAS 250------Production 400

We've a requirement to Simultaneous import into QAS 200 & QAS 250.

How can I configure TMS to import automatically one order in QAS 200 and 250 without any manual intervention?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Assuming that the transport route of DEV to QAS 200 is already there, create a transport target group for QAS 250 so when releasing your transports in DEV, it will automatically be imported into both import queues.

Now you have to schedule a job that performs an import all of both transport queues on a periodic basis.

Kind regards,


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thank for your fast answer.

I follow tjis step:

1. Log on to client 000 of your TMS Domain Controller SAP Instance.

2. Go to transaction STMS.

3. On the Transport System Management screen, click Overview -> Transport


4. On the Display Transport Routes screen, click the Display<>Change button to

toggle into Change mode. Click on the Target Groups line and click the

Create button.

5. In the Create Transport Group popup, fill in the Target Group as /XXXCLNTS/,

give a Short Description and click the Client Assignment button. Be aware

that the Target Group name must start and end with a u201C/u201D.

6. Enter each Target system and Target client you need. For our example, we will

DEV 100, QAS 200, and QAS 210. Click the green check mark to Transfer. You

now have a target group. Now you must create a Consolidation Layer.

7. Back on the Change Transport Routes screen, click on Transport Routes and

click Create.

8. In the Create Transport Route popup, click the Extended Transport Control

button at the bottom of the popup. Make sure Consolidation is "on" and fill

in the information using our Target Group as the Consolidation Target.

9. Click the green check button to Save the change.

But ,the the problem is:

I need to import orders individually, not through a JOB.

When I perform the QAS IMPORT via STMS transaction, the system requires one client. I seek is that no client request, ie the possibility of "ALL" or simply do not request a client and the import for the customizing order be made ​​to all.

Thank in advance for yours help


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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following link may help you.