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How to Show Three Measures in Guaze Component

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Hi Expert's,

I got One requirement In Design studio Guaze Component For that I have Installed SDK Component But Here we Can Show Single Needle with One measure value only but I need three Needles Two Show Three Measure values Image Mentioned Below  Is there any Option Or Any Component to Achieve This.I have Google it I did not Find Any solution on This. could you Please Help On This.

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As Mustafa mentioned, a gauge is not the visualization that you want to use for this scenario.  I'm very familiar with their use case, having used a gauge as the learning device in the SDK tutorial blog.

In general, radial charts such as pie charts are not a good way of displaying information, because the use can't make comparison about relative sizes.  Doughnuts are even worse than pie charts.  If you ever want to hide information in plain sight, a doughnut is your visualization of choice.  Gauges are radial charts, but they only work because you are restricting the number of measures to one, perhaps two if you display the goal/max. 

The bullet might be an option.  I'm a militant spartan myself when it comes to information design and consider bullet charts visually cluttered.  I'd suggest a column with reference lines.

That said, if your users are dead set on using a gauge, you have three options:

  1. Two gauges, one shows actual and goal.  The other shows actual and capacity.
  2. One gauge, with the max set at either goal or capacity and the other is displayed using conditional formatting.
  3. Modify a gauge extension - such as the community SDK one or the tutorial one to add the third measure.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hi Sathish,

I agree with the comments from David and Mustafa that the gauge is not the appropriate visualization for this scenario.   If your users are keen on going with this visualization ChartsPLUS provides gauges with multiple arrows, see below.

My recommendation would be to use a bar chart with steps/reference lines as David suggested, see below.  This is much easier way to understand the data and also saves real estate in your dashboard compared to gauges.

You can find more details on ChartsPLUS at the link below.  Archius ChartsPLUS™


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I think in this case you should carefully consider the appropriatness of using a gauge with 3 needles and whether this will provide meaningful insight.  What is the business requirement for a gauge with 3 needles?

I would suggest that a bar graph with 3 bars or a bullet chart would be more effective ways to visualise the data in your scenario.



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Hi Mustafa,

Ya I Understood the scenario But Client is Asking To see Actual,Target and Capacity In Three needles As per My Experience we have to Keep these three Measures with Colour coding i.e alert's red,yellow and Green With Single needle for needle I will Give the Actual Value by using This Alert's I will Convince Client.What They Asked Is not A right Approach.

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Hello Sathish,

Here are few suggestions:

1.Try using a bullet chart as it gives you the ability to set 3 measures.

2. Also, please take a look into the below mentioned Blog by Karol:

In this blog, the scorecard component has been designed to display as bullet chart along with conditional formatting.

It all depends on your business need at the end of the day.