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How to show a custom popup or modal window in enhaced view.

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Hi Experts,

I have a question, i need to show a modal windows in the sales quote TI. basically i need to trigger in before Save Script a event handler and show a custom modal window.

There is a way to make this?



Pablo Ilich

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Hi Pablo llich,

You can't display pop up from ABSL script, you will have to do it in UI designer.
In the UI designer you could create a Modal dialog or use Messagebox.

Thanks, Pradeep.

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Hi Pradeep,

Thx for the Reply, but in the Sales quote TI (enhaced view), there is a way to do this?

In a endebed component can be posibble but i dont know if in the enhaced view can i do this.

I need to show a pop up like a warning when i press save button of the Customer quote.

Regard Pablo.