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how to share/manage UWL/KM and collaboration with TWO consumer portals?

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I'm working with a customer who is configuring a large enterprise landscape consisting of 2 federated portals with the two consumer portals sharing info.

Federated portal A is the primary corporate portal with respective producers.

Federated portal B is a regional producer portal with multiple back end producers.

IF they wish to configure UWL, I realize they can do this on each consumer portal. But how can someone logging into portal A see all their work items from UWL on A and UWL on B without creating two iviews (one for each UWL)? I bascially want to be able to share the UWL from one consumer portal to another. I haven't seen this in any docs, though. Anyone have experience with this?

Likewise, what is the best way to share collaboration rooms and other related services? Should they be configured on the consumer side of each federated portal, and if so - the same question arises - how to share the collaboration data between the two consumers.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi David,

we faced your first issue some months ago and found out that there is only the possibility to use 2 UWL iViews.

Maybe this has changed in the last releases.



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