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How to setup users in IAS tenant

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Currently attempting to set up ALM for the first time and have already enabled SSO through IAS. Trying to understand what is needed to onboard users in correct roles. Trust configuration options in BTP are limited.

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Dear Customer, 

As specified in the KBA 3121352 - How to create and onboard SAP Cloud ALM Users in your SAP Identity Authentication Service tenant?

To create user accounts in the IAS tenant :

  1. Logon to the IAS tenant Admin cockpit.
  2. Click the tile "User management" in the area "Users & Authorizations" 
  3. Click "Add User" to create a new account.
  4. Fill in the mandatory fields - especially the e-mail address (it is needed for assigning roles to the user later).
  5. Save the user account to create it.
  6. The person will receive an activation e-mail for their IAS tenant user account, and can set their own password.

Best Regards,
SAP Support