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How to setup (remote ) System in EP6.0 for accesing BSP

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I am trying to setup the system parameters that I can create bsp Iview from that system.

I set up the following for that particular system.

WAS description :

WAS Hostname :

WAS Path :

was protocol : http

Please note that I was not able to fill up the 1st and the 3rd row info.

while doing the connection testing for "SAP Web AS Connection" it failed with the following error within Square brackets [].


1. The system object represents an SAP system.

2. The following parameters are valid: wap.WAS.protocol (http) ; wap.WAS.hostname (

3. HTTP/S connection failed. Make sure the protocol, host name, and user mapping are correctly defined


For your info I could create a SAP transaction iView( through Wingui) and it's working fine

Please let me know how to proceed from here.



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Answers (2)

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Thanks Prakash,

Your sugesstion helped splved the issue.

I however have one question

whe I ran the function module in my BW system, the following info are returned

E_URL_PREFIX http://fmsap562:8101

E_URL_PATH /sap/bw/BEx


E_URL_SERVER fmsap562



The port returned is 8101. But the BSP works fine in the WEB AS alone with port 8001. Also in the portal The system is configured with the the WAS Hostname for the Port 8001 as shown below.

WAS Hostname :

I am a little confused regarding the Port config. Any help will be appreciated.



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Hi Arunabha,

You need to fill out WAS Path.

WAS Path:/sap/bw/bex

If you are not sure about the parameters then you can run the function module RSBB_URL_PREFIX_GET in BW system via SAPGUI using transaction SE37 .