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how to setup NWBC to access LTR?

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We recently upgraded SLT to DMIS SP10 and no longer able to access LTR using browser. For security reasons, SAP recommends to use NWBC instead of browser. I have never used NWBC before, can someone provide me to steps how to configure LTR in NWBC?

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We do have DMIS SP10 in our landscape and we can use LTR in regular browser without any issues. Are you getting any error when you execute LTR. Can you send the screeshots.

Mahesh Shetty

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Hi Mahesh,

I get the below error when I try to access LTR. As mentioned in the error, there is still a workaround to access using browser by setting the parameter in table CNV_SEC_PARAMS. But SAP says that it is security risk and recommends to use NWBC instead. So I want to know how to access LTR in NWBC.

OSS note 2191214, Important Note section:-

With DMIS 2011 SP9 the Monitoring and Configuration dashboard (transaction LTR) requires the use of the SAP NetWeaver Business Client 3.5 or 4.0  to ensure compliance with security standards,

The reason for this is that the SAP NetWeaver Business Client supports a logout for all Web Dynpro windows. Web browsers do not support this logout feature. For example if you use a web browser to access the work center, there is no option to logout. Simply closing the web browser window does not log the user out of the system. The session runs on the server until it times out, and this is a potential security risk.

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Hi Saravanan,

You can use LTRC tcode to create configuration.


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Hi Brillion,

I'm aware that I can use LTRC. But I also want to know how to access LTR using NWBC.