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How to setup email in Test workbench ?

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I have gone through the following thread but I'm not implementing Charm.

I just want to find out when i release my test plan it should notify all testers about the release of test plan.

I have gone through various documentation,

I have applied the settings to SCOT and triggered the test mail from S00 transaction and i have successfully received the test mail  in my Inbox.

I have checked the user check under the test plan - No errors

Release schema has been mentioned and when i change the test plan to released - NO EMAILS TRIGGERRED

I have setup a job,

Job Log :


    Date       Time     Message text                                                               Message class Message no. Message type

05.04.2012 15:29:38 Job started                                                                     00           516          S

05.04.2012 15:29:39 Step 001 started (program RSCONN01, variant SAP&CONNECTALL, user ID VENKY)      00           550          S

05.04.2012 15:29:39 Start send process SAPCONNECT ALL SEND on server XXXXXXX in client 400.       XS           078          S

05.04.2012 15:29:39 End of send process SAPCONNECT ALL SEND. Number of selected objects: 0          XS           025          I

05.04.2012 15:29:39 Job finished                                                                    00           517          S

Can anyone please guide me what might be missing ?

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Everything seems configured under the workflow settings but still not able to trigger the email.

i even checked the other releated discussion,

not able to find the issue...