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How to set up MDG to search materials by classification characteristics?

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Hello, Experts

I know that MDG has functionality to search materials by classification characteristics.

I set all required settings according to guidance section “Set Up Search” at

My Enterprise Search (embedded) works fine, I found materials by attributes and via free form search.

The report ESH_TEST_SEARCH also returns valid results.

But on the Material Search page I don’ see the Classification criteria pane.

NOTICE: During material creation I see classification section and I am able to seek classes, characteristics and assign them to a material record.

I have rummaged all SCN and but have not found any guide how to set up this search criteria and make them visible (only how to make them invisible )

QUESTION: Is classification criteria pane visible from the “box” or I must do some secret customization to display it?

Possibly it requires some additional settings at TREX side?

I discovered in SAP democloud system that there is a MDG_CLF_MATERIAL model (near MDG_MATERIAL) in standard software component MDG_APPL. I guess this is the standard search template like MDG_MATERIAL.

Unfortunately I haven’t got the MDG_CLF_MATERIAL model in my system though we run last service pack MDG 7.0 SP3 (MDG_FND 748 sp-level 03, MDG_APPL 618 sp-level 03)

Could you help me with ideas how to solve this problem?

Best regards

Alex (SAP CIS)

(screenshots with issue explanation are included)

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Were you able to resolve this ?  We are in the same situation. 

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Hi, Vinay

Yes, we resolved it.

Our issue was that standard Enterprise Search model for MDG classification was not presented in working mandant.

It comes to 000 mandant and must be transfered to working client (for example, 100) automatically.

But due core issues it did not happened.

It was a basis issue, not MDG's, and it was fixed by implementing some notes.

Unfortunatley, I did not remember which ones.

Try to investigate this topic by phrase "model update from client 000"

Kind regards