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How to set number of characters in input field ?

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I am creating an input field dynamically (via CL_WD_INPUT_FIELD).

I am binding the value (via BIND_VALUE) to an attribute with type CHAR30.

I want to give the possibility to enter a number with 4 digits (0 - 9999).

Is it possible to restrict the number of characters that can be entered to 4 (although the BIND_VALUE attribute has a type CHAR30, that allows 30)?

I have tried it via set_length, bind_length but it seems that the length of the BIND_VALUE attribute overrules the length information...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Moritz,

AFAIk you have no other option as using a NUM4 here.

Set Length just sets the lengths of the inputfield according to the current character set ... count of charcters but does not limit the value you may enter



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