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How to separate CI and DB instance which is currently on same host

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Hi Experts,

I want to separate my database instance form central instance by installing new database server.

Please help me with your expert advices and documents to do that.

my current configuration is Database+CI on the same server with one application server is cluster with the same server and one more application server.

I am using AIX with DB2 database. Want to Know that how to separate central instance from CI.

Looking ahead for you prompted response.

Helpful answers will be rewarded.

Thanks in Advance,

Dhiraj Mishra

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HI Dhiraj,

Can you share what was the "end of history" for your distributed system? Which procedure did you adopt?

I have a similar scenario almost one year after your case. To achieving the capacity for support of sales "vegetative" growth the ECC 6.0 (upgraded from 4.7x110 that was upgraded from 4.0B) central instance has to increasing in CPU on Oracle/Unix installation.

Once the CI frame already achieved its CPU expansion limit one possible maneuver is to separating the CI and DB into two servers. Of course, I´m describing a production instance.

It´s simplest to move the DB server than rename the CI (and ALL the internal and external references to its hostname) so I will present a strategy based on System Copy (with the difference that the source and target database must be the same), the nearest procedure that I found of an "official" SAP documentation.



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Want to Know that how to separate central instance from CI

Well that is something which SAP is still working on ...

I suppose that was typo ....

If its the DB ... then follow any of the homogeneous system copy method to move your database ... and make adjustment to SAP profile , tnsnames (at this time only these 2 are coming to mind) to point it to the new DB Host



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You can use system copy procedure to install new system with your required configuration.