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How to send Workitem to non sap user's outlook

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Hi Experts,

     I have a requirement, that is to send a user decision from workflow to outlook.

For example Lets say a user apply for a leave request, then the user decision will go to his manager's outlook.The point is his manager doesn't have any sap id.Is it possible to send user decision to outlook who doesn't have sap login id? Please let me know if it is possible and the steps to achieve it..

Thanks in advance.Points will be rewarded.


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Hi Everybody,

Thanks for all the valuable replays, but it seems you misunderstood the requirement.

What I said was 'The User' doesn't have a SAP logon ID, like a HR person  but he is also there in the approval chain. What I mentioned in the main post is just an example.

But anyways I solved the issue using offline workflow approval.

Thanks to Everybody...