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How to send IDocs to "blank" R/3 / ECC system?

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Hello @all,

I am tryng to send IDoc (e.g. ORDERS) from an PI 7.0 system to an ECC system. Both system have been recently installed, they are almost "blank".

I have created the RFC destinations and ports and so on. This configuration part should be finished

Is it now possible to send IDocs to the ECC system, although there are no partners, partner agreements and so on? Do I have to use header mapping in the receiver agreement on PI? What should be configured in the IDoc channel? What should be mapped into the header of the IDoc in message mapping? At the moment I get different error messages on XI, e.g. "could not convert... to an ALE system", "unable to convert sender party to an IDoc partner",...

I know there are several blogs, discussions etc., but I could not find an answer there. The basic question is: Do I have to configure partners and partner profiles in the R/3 system in order to send test IDocs from PI to R/3?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In PI you first need to create the Business system from SLD. then you need to impport the BS in ID and use that. Have u created the BS in PI? because of this u r getting the error ALE one.

Logical system name should be same as Business system name.

XI Error - Unable to convert the sender service to an ALE logical system


Second thing:

Have u done the following thing:

IDOC configuration:

Configurations required in R/3:

Maintain Logical System (SALE) for PI

Maintain Port (WE21)

Maintain partner profile. (WE20): For XI

COnfiguration required at Xi side:

Create the Port using IDX1

Load the metadata using IDX2 transaction

Create RFC destination which points to R3.

Once u r done with all the configuration your scenario will work.



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everything seems to work fine now. The problem was that I misspelled the RFC name.

I should mention that I did was not necessary to create any partner profile etc. in the R/3 system.

Thanks for the feedback!



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