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How to send HTTP Codes received from receiver system to sender system in REST to REST service

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Hello Experts,

We have a scenario where we are running REST-adapter to REST-adapter to expose a REST-service to a consumer system. It's pass through service , with Binary request and JSON response. We are facing issue with error handling where we want to respond with the same HTTP status codes received from receiver system to sender application along with response. But it looks like in PI monitoring we can HTTP status codes returned from receiver system but it sends 200 in case of successful scenario and 500 in case of any error to sender application.

How can we pass same HTTP codes received from receiver system to sender application in REST to REST pass through service?

Thanks in advance.



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You can use http_status_code dynamic configuration header.

This is new feature introduced in support pack 26, sap note: 3273355 - NF: REST Adapter: Transfer response HTTP status code as dynamic configuration

Best Regards,

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While we can see the correct http_status_code here , I don't understand how to use it in order for the REST Sender to pass it back? Still can't use from dynamic configuration to actual HTTP Code returned on the Sender adapter?