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how to send a url image, pdf file, text file to AL11

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I got a requirement and in that I am getting attachement text from sales order and then I need to send it to AL11 and Could you please provide the steps to send url, image format, pdf file, to AL11 directory...I got the text attachment from sales order  into internal table. If it is image format or pdf file, url attachment then what is best way to send it to AL11 directory 



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Write to "AL11 directory" = ABAP statements OPEN DATASET, TRANSFER, etc. How to read attachments has been answered hundreds of times, there are some blog posts, code in GitHub repository, etc.

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Can you please elaborate on your setup? Do you have SAP HANA system Replication in place? How many Tiers and how do you execute the takeover and failback/switch back? This will help understand your scenario better and provide inputs