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How to select Variable from Drop Down Queries - WAD 7.0

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Hello All,

I've scenario where users will click on link and should see the default data of Daily and also have drop down box in the same web template where Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and others must be displayed so that user can switch back & forth between views.

my Monthly, Quarterly & others are views out of a Query however my daily & weekly are separate queries where variables are populated, so that user can enter desired number of days or weeks that he/she wants to see data for.

<b>Question:</b>: when I use drop down to switch from monthly to daily or weekly I'm not seeing the variable which should populate so that user can enter number of days/weeks.

Please let me know if there is a solution for this - Thanks in advance!!!!..



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Try checking the data you are viewing in the drop down box. It may help to look at posted values instead of master data (or vice versa). Try changing that and see if it makes a difference. Also, are your variables navigational? If not, they will act as filters and you won't be able to change when you run. Check these settings and hopefully they will give some direction.