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How to schedule job "Every 15 minutes & during 01:00 - 2:30 every 5 minute"

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Hi folks,

I have an situation to Schedule a job in SAP CPS 8.0 for ECC "Every 15 minutes and during 01:00 - 2:30 every 5 minute".

How do we do this and any inputs/suggestions are highly appreciated.



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Create two time windows;

  1. A - Open between 01:00 to 02:30
  2. B - Open when A is closed

Create two submit frames

  1. C - every 15 minutes
  2. D - every 5 minutes

Schedule the same job twice:

  1. with A and D
  2. with B and C



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Thank you for the quick response Nanda and I really appreciate your suggestions.

Is something can we do as below? The reason is, I want to minimize the # of job count as I have to crate 2000+ jobs.

Create two time windows:

A - Open between 01:00 to 02:30

B - Maintained "Disabled During Time Window" column with "A"

FYI - I think, this is what your intention is (B - Open when A is closed), correct me if this is not the case.

Create one submit frame (C) with 2 elements:

Elements 1: Interval:

  Submit every 5 minutes

  During Time Window "A"

Elements 2: Interval:

  Submit every 15 minutes

  During Time Window "B"

Schedule the job with submit frame "C"



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Yes that is definitely possible and the best alternative if you want to keep the number of scheduled jobs down. Also you never forget to remove one of the jobs if you cancel the other one.

Regards Gerben

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Thank you, appreciate you.

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Hi Gerben, can you please answer to this question?  I am not able to select SAP Queue when submitting job chain.