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How to run UnbindCfServiceInstance command in Automation Pilot?

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Hi community,

I am trying to run the 'UnbindCfServiceInstance' command in Automation Pilot but at a loss on how to provide the input key "app".

First, I specified the human-readable name (cap-attachment-srv), but the execution failed with the message: "application 'cap-attachment-srv' was not found in organization 'dc0c4da5-10ed-4585-9043-89cbf1b37370' and space '135829ff-d296-476a-aad6-81a39f89ec06'."


Then I obtained a GUID for the application by following this KBA. As a result, the execution was successful, but the app is still bound to the service instance.



Could someone clarify how I can run this command correctly?




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I've identified two reasons why the command is not working.

  1. Method to obtain the app GUID

    You can obtain the application GUID with `cf app <appName> --guid`.
  2. Using the US East region of the trial account

    The Cloud Foundry API endpoint is us10-001 instead of us10. The command seems to be designed to work with the us10 API, which is why it cannot retrieve the target service instance. When I tried it in the ap21 region, it was successfully unbound.